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Boolat Game Development Company

Boolat Games is a game development studio focused on creating high-quality multi-platform f2p and adventure games. We are working in the interactive entertainment industry for more than 15 years, creating beautiful worlds full of mystery, empathy and adventure.

Our Games

Our latest notable achievement is Sunken Secrets - free magical island sim for iOS that is enjoyed by tens of thousands of players all over the world.
Boolat launched series of immersive Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure games for PC/Mac/iOS - Subliminal Realms, Dreampath, Dark Cases, and Timeless. They were published as Collector's Edition, receiving critical and player acclaim. Each of our projects features exquisite art style and innovative gameplay elements that became distinctive hallmark for all Boolat products.

Our other original titles include:
Harvest Land - free-to-play farming game for iOS and Android
The Promised Land - casual strategy for PC/Mac;
Topatoi – the innovative platformer for the PlayStation 3;
Lagsters™ - racing game for PC

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Boolat style

Boolat invests heavily into unique style, graphics and theme for each game. We love to mix different genres, never stop innovating and creating exciting twists. Our team leaves it's distinctive mark on every game with emphasis on details, vivid lively colors, and a balance between engaging puzzles and touching story. Our stories are shared not only through dialogues and actions, but through the visual means and bold experiments with the narrative and game mechanics. That’s why our games stand out among others of the same genres.

Our crew

Boolat Games establishes unique creative atmosphere for everyone: promising artists and skillful game designers with years of experience in the gaming industry. We are always open to new ideas, genres and platforms on which to apply our knowledge and passion.

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