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38 Parrots
38 Parrots: The Magic Festival

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Noviy Disk

Monkey, Parrot, Elephant and Boa were going to celebrate the Rain Season Festival and to see a foreign celebrity, Mongoose the Magician from India. Monkey, the most vivid of all four friends, offered to buy tickets, and Parrot decided to go with her. Elephant and Boa remained at home, but assured that they'll be ready to help. On the meadow everything was already prepared for the Festival, and in the middle stood a huge tent for the magic show. "There, he's flying!" cried several animals near the tent, and indeed, Mongoose the Magician flied on the magic carpet. He wanted to amaze the audience with a steep turn, but the magic carpet hit against the tent pole. The Magician fell down. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, but his magic wand was broken and his show was in danger. Sad animals went away, but Monkey decided to help the Magician, who was pleased of her encouragement and promised to let the animals see his show for free if the friends would restore his magic wand. So the adventure began!

Find the way to repair the magic wand and help animals to enjoy the magic show!

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